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Why Choose VOIP

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Why Choose VoIP? Many businesses are choosing to make the switch from conventional phone systems to VoIP, but there are still those how look at it as 'too good to be true'. VoIP vs. Analog PSTN Lines The question becomes, why choose VoIP over conventional telephone systems? The answer is simple. COST! COST! COST! Although there are multiple discounts and rates that you can receive from your telephone company by using PSTN, Internet calls can reduce those rates in half. VoIP is significantly cheaper! By going online, companies who make long distance calls frequently to customers or offices in multiple locations can save dramatically on their phone bill. Businesses have the option of choosing multiple area codes within and out of state. By choosing an area code of an important out-of-state client, you give them ability to call you locally at no expense to them. It also saves you from paying toll free costs of incoming calls. If traveling is an integral part of your business, the VoIP phones are an excellent option. Outgoing and incoming calls can be received from your local number even if you are traveling internationally, provided there is Internet service. Clients can reach you with the same phone number at any location and it does not cost you anything extra. Other advantages of VoIP over analog PSTN lines include such features as voicemail, conferencing, three-way calling, music-on-hold and other digital features. Why are some people hesitant to switch over? We are seeing that more and more companies are willing to test the waters and move into the technology. But, aside from people being hesitant to move away from convention or change in general, here are the some reasons why people have not yet made the switch: § Concern about clarity - VoIP phones are exceptionally clear, even more so than many mobile phones. § Concern about reliability - Yes, admittedly your phones are only as reliable as your internet provider. Otherwise these phones are simple to use and offer all the same functions as a conventional phone. § Slow Internet connections - More and more locations across the world offer high-speed Internet, if your company has not invested in it yet, it is about time. This will increase efficiency in other aspects of your business as well. § 911 calls - Emergency calls will need to be configured to your area, so when you dial 911 they can pick up your location. If you have any more questions about VoIP and how it works, simply contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Learn More