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What sets Your Office Smarter TMapart from other providers?

Office is a powerful voice and data network designed for telecommuters, mobile professionals, entrepreneurs and multi-office businesses. For over 10 years, Your Office Smarter TM 's comprehensive cloud technology has provided business with secure access to information from anywhere, anytime.

See the chart below to discover how Office compares with other cloud-based services.

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Your Office Smarter TM Email & AppsDesktop & Phone

Office 365Email/Apps

Google APPSEmail/Apps

Evolve IPDesktop/Phone




Virtual PBXVoice

MoreCloud Providers

Lowest Cost  
Integrates VoIP PSTN Voice & Data  
Access From Your PC  
Security (AES)  
Security (ISN)  
Works Through Any Company Firewall  
One Number For All Devices  
Company Main Greeting  
No Software to Install  
No Onsite Hardware Required  
Secure File Access  
Application Management  
AntiVirus/ AntiSpam  
File Sharing  
Desktop Call Control  
Backup Services  
Access to Voicemail and Fax  
Email Delivery Voicemail & Fax  
Integrated Voice & Data Applications  
Dial by Name Directory  
Packaged With Applications  
VoIP Security  
Full Office Feature Set  
Wireless (Cellular)  
Anywhere Phones  
High Quality Office VoIP  
Hosted Outlook Email  
Advanced Messenger  
Personal Greetings  
Away Greetings  
Scheduled Greetings  
Full PBX Functionality  
Dial by Name  
ACD Routing  
Follow Me  
4 Digit Transfer  
Caller ID, 3 Way Calling Hold  
Advanced Call Routing  
Shared Company File Storage  
Software as a Service (QuickBooks, CRM, etc.)  
Database & Custom Application Access  
Skilled Based Routing ACD  
Integration with Traditional Voice  
Agent ACD Queues  
Call Screening  
Transfer Announcement  
3 Way Conference  
Professional Greetings  
Enhanced Voice Quality  
Message Retrieval From Phone  
Voice Activated Assistant  
User Status  
Do Not Disturb  
No Software for Faxing  
Inbound Fax  
Outbound Fax Via Email  
Bridge Conferencing  
PSTN Cellular Backup  
PDA Pocket PC Sync  
Documents Applications  
Forward Me  
Data Storage Backup  
Reminders & Notifications via SMS / Email  
Public Folders  
Custom Voice & Data Integrated Applications  
Click to Dial  
White Board Applications Sharing Conferencing  
Notes, Drafts, Tasks  
Company Address Book  
Voice & Data Encryption  
Token Login  
Voice Backup  
Device Manager  
Existing System Integration  
Calendar, Contacts  
Desktop Sharing, White Board Video, Video Conferencing