Office Disaster Prevention & Backup

 Have you seen the Stats? 93% of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business

Of companies that experience a disaster but have no tested business recovery plans in place, only one in ten are still in business
Companies that experience a significant data loss, 43% go out of business within the first year, 72% go out in the second year .

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Is Your PC or Laptop Data Really Protected?

What if your laptop or PC were stolen or lost?  Is the information protected or are you setting yourself up for a security breach?

Ask yourself these critical questions…

  • Is your PC or laptop protected with user identifications and or passwords?
  • Does your company still have control over the data on a PC or laptop, even if it's lost or stolen?
  • What will be the consequences from even a single data breach? Consider your company's revenue and reputation.  

Consider these recent scenarios...

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