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 Have you seen the Stats? 93% of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business

Of companies that experience a disaster but have no tested business recovery plans in place, only one in ten are still in business
Companies that experience a significant data loss, 43% go out of business within the first year, 72% go out in the second year .

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Disaster Prevention: Hurricane Protection, here you will find more information about Ensuring Business Continuity during a hurricane.

Business interruption" coverage - meant to help replace lost income - could be triggered under a commercial policy.

Business interruption claims often lead to disputes and take a long time to resolve - often because of policy language on what triggers the coverage and requirements for documentation of a loss.

This means if you don't prepare yourself your insurance will not cover you

Business claims from Katrina could be sizable because unlike Florida, Louisiana is home to oil, gas and chemical facilities, Standard & Poor's said in a report yesterday.

$61 million in commercial claims. State Farm

Determining the amount and scope of business interruption losses is an ... Flood insurance claims from Katrina and Rita could exceed $22 billion

The Sept. 5 BestWeek also carried an article on the issue of how the evacuation of New Orleans ordered by civil authorities would affect business interruption claims. It appears that the evacuation orders would trigger such coverage if the orders hold for an extended period. [later: Marc Mayerson, author of the Insurance Scrawl blog, discusses business interruption claims by those farther from the scene of the disaster.]

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