Office Disaster Prevention & Backup

 Have you seen the Stats? 93% of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business

Of companies that experience a disaster but have no tested business recovery plans in place, only one in ten are still in business
Companies that experience a significant data loss, 43% go out of business within the first year, 72% go out in the second year .

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Hurricane Disaster Relief

Your Office Smarter TM is proud to announce their disaster prevention working in real time.  A customer contacted an Your Office Smarter TMrepresentative to let us know that their offices located in Florida were flooded after hurricane Frances hit their main location.  After having to evacuate and leave their office within only a few hours, these users were not concerned about losing their information, valuable data and potential business.  They simply moved from their main location to a safe place and were able to conduct business as usual. They set their calls onto their cell phones, connected to the hotel's internet to access files, contacts, and their calendars.

Your Office Smarter TMoffered their company the perfect solution to prevent a potentially catastrophic event from occurring. 

If your company is in need of Hurricane Disaster Relief, Your Office Smarter TMis willing to work with your company to get you working efficiently and help ensure against future loss.  Please contact us today.

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