Office Disaster Prevention & Backup

 Have you seen the Stats? 93% of businesses that experience a disaster go out of business

Of companies that experience a disaster but have no tested business recovery plans in place, only one in ten are still in business
Companies that experience a significant data loss, 43% go out of business within the first year, 72% go out in the second year .

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Are you at Risk?

Is Your Company Really Protected? Consider the following questions…

1. Does all of my information exist offsite; files, phone numbers, computer files, databases and billing applications?
2. Do I have a formal plan to continue my business operations?
3. Is my IT staff's contingency plan for the network really in place?
4. Have they covered my operations, an area of the business that IT does not understand?
5. What about the phones and voicemail?
6. Have I ever seen it work?
7. Am I protected from virus and hacker attacks? 8. Will my insurance company cover me more

Common Reasons why Companies do not have a plan…

- No time – small to mid sized companies are often to busy with day-to-day operations to plan for a hypothetical

- They don’t know the facts –if every company knew the statistics that you have just learned above they would understand the importance of disaster prevention

- Lack of Funds – often times IT needs are overlooked to due high costs of equipment, opting to remain with outdated equipment and cheaper methods

- They are already backing up data – many companies believe that they are protecting their data simply by backing up on a regular basis. Many times information is backed up and stored in the same location, in which case, in the event of a disaster all information would be lost including the back up.

How can Office help protect you and increase business continuity?

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