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    Your Office Smarter TMAgent Program

    Increase Your Revenue Sell New Products

    Your Office Smarter TM , is not a telecom or ISP selling circuits or internet access, we give you instant access to sell over 500 products on top of the access you already sold to your customer base. Have a new story to tell and don't lo a deal cause your competitor comes in at 50 dollars cheaper or you don't have the solutions the customer is looking for.  Earn huger revenue then selling circuits alone

    Your Office Smarter TMwants to work with only a few master agents, and allow you to face the customers, Our your customer policy allows us to work together to provide your agents and their  customer's the best possible service. We at Your Office Smarter TMknow that you work hard to obtain new Agents and customers accounts that's why we pay a flat Evergreen Commission for as long as the customer is active with us, even after contract expires. You get instant access to your commissions, contacts and sold customers. Sign up today and earn Monthly for ever, sell new products into your existing base. There is no obligation to learn more

     Lead Generation and a featured listing on our website featuring your Master Agent Profile. You even get your own web site that instantly allows you to sell over 500 products plus your own. That's right Your Office Smarter TMgenerates leads and assign them to you. Sign up today and start getting your Leads

    Brand able Agent Portal with a Powerful CRM And sub agent management that integrates into your Microsoft OutlookTM, Manage Prospects, Open Leads, Hot Opportunities, Orders, and Sold customers. Sub Agent Management and commission Reporting. Create email templates, work flows and more.

    You can add and manage your own products, orders, commissions from other providers. You can use any provider for access so you can maintain your existing relationships. Sign up today and take advantage of our powerful CRM for free. There is no obligation to learn more

    Pricing and quoting without waiting, you can instantly create a contract for your customers. Quote and Manage your customers networks for one location or 15 simply and easily.

    Agent Training, we have the most advanced Agent training, 11 live person presented, so you can ask questions, we cover sales the cloud, our products and more. Our education is designed to me interactive fun and informative.  Sign up today and get free education about the cloud and how to sell it. There is no obligation to learn more

    With an aggressive compensation structure, first to market product development, and 10 years experience serving customers in the cloud, why would you deliver your clients anything less than the best? Offer your clients Office ' the only cloud product on the market that is capable of handling all your IT and telecommunications needs. Become an Your Office Smarter TMcertified Master Agent Sign up today or call 212.981.1504. There is no obligation to learn more