Dedicated Servers


We Spin up Virtual servers or hardware and add servers to your Office Account. We use HP servers not clones. We allow you to spin up VM or hardware for permanent or development use.


Infrastructure Partners:
Was designed and chose our partners with allot of care and planning

All information is stored between 3 Data Centers  

Cloud Dedicated Servers

About Your Office Smarter TM

Three Data Centers- New York - Georgia - California

Dedicated Machine / Cloud Dedicated Servers / Virtual Servers

Use your own server hardware where a shared platform is not going to cut it Global Platform allow you to expand your applications around the world you can turn up dedicated servers up in minutes

Choose  from Windows or Linux servers Redundant servers, storage, and Internet connections ensure that you have around-the-clock access to your data and applications.

We Can Replicate your system to another Server in another Data Center. Data centers are best-in-class.

Disaster Prevention turn-up servers in minutes Offering the best cost benefit for your offsite system

Cost effective We Guarantee savings Pay monthly with no long term commitments. Turn servers up and down or pay per minute . Pay for what you need, when you need it.

Turn what used to be capital expenditures into monthly expenses that can be budgeted.

If you have any additional questions contact us at 212.981.1504.